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DarkSUSY is a flexible and modular Fortran package to calculate observables for a variety of dark matter candidates. It is written by Joakim Edsjö, Torsten Bringmann, Paolo Gondolo, Piero Ullio and Lars Bergström, with further significant code contributions by (in alphabetical order) Ted Baltz, Francesca Calore, Gintaras Duda, Mia Schelke and Pat Scott. On these pages you will find general information about DarkSUSY and you can also download the package.

The present version, DarkSUSY 6, comes with a completely new structure compared to previous versions of the code, including the possibility to add new particle physics modules.

If you use DarkSUSY, please refer to the following publication describing DarkSUSY:

T. Bringmann, J. Edsjö, P. Gondolo, P. Ullio and L. Bergström,
JCAP 1807 (2018) 033 [arXiv:1802.03399]

Please also cite (for code up to release version 4.1 contained in later versions)

P. Gondolo, J. Edsjö, P. Ullio, L. Bergström, M. Schelke and E.A. Baltz,
JCAP 07 (2004) 008 [astro-ph/0406204]

as well as this web page as

J. Edsjö, T. Bringmann, P. Gondolo, P. Ullio, L. Bergström, M. Schelke, E.A. Baltz and G. Duda, http://www.darksusy.org.

Note. You should also refer to the original physics work on which DarkSUSY is based and which DarkSUSY uses (for a quick overview, see e.g. the README file contained in the release). Most notably, DarkSUSY is interfaced (and uses) the following codes (for the MSSM module):

as well as (for the core library)
  • HEALPix - for line-of-sight integrations over extended sky regions